Betterial attended the CSPV Forum with the latest encapsulant technology and delivered a keynote speech_Betterial


Betterial attended the CSPV Forum with the latest encapsulant technology and delivered a keynote speech


From November 2nd to November 4th 2023, the 19th China Solar Grade Silicon and Photovoltaic Power Generation Seminar (19th CSPV) was successfully held in Xi 'an.As one of the most important academic conferences in the field of silicon materials and photovoltaic power generation in China, it aims to help domestic photovoltaic enterprises improve their core competitiveness, reduce market risks, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's solar energy industry by displaying the latest research results and development trends in the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad in silicon materials, solar cells, photovoltaic auxiliary materials, system applications, testing and certification, and equipment.

Betterial attended this industry event with the latest encapsulant technology solutions, and shared and exchanged with industry experts and colleagues for new technology solutions such as corrosion resistant POE film for N-type single glass modules, HJT-0BB skin film and perovskite laminated modules.

Dr. Xiong Weicheng was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "More reliable protection of high-barrier acid-resistant adhesive film for efficient batteries", and discussed the latest technology development trend of modules with industry experts. The high reliability encapsulant solutions of Betterial in N-type TOPCon, HJT, BC, perovskite and other modules are described in detail.

For TOPCon encapsulant modules, Betterial creatively introduced patented acid substance capture and additive coupling locking technology in POE film.The latest corrosion resistant POE film for N-type single glass modules, long-term placement without slipping, with low acid EVA film, with excellent acid resistance and low water vapor transmission performance, etc. It can realize the effective protection of TOPCon single glass modules.

For HJT-0BB encapsulant modules,Betterial launched a new generation of skin film technology, which has high light transmittance, high adhesion, low flow, low shrinkage and other properties.It can better fix the round wire welding wire, and promote the industrialization of HJT-bulk coating.

For perovskite encapsulant modules, the country's first batch production of thermoplastic encapsulant film, non-polar compounds precipitation, can better ensure perovskite batteries. The long-term stability is stronger.

At the forum, Dr. Zeng Jidong delivered a speech entitled "Betterial N-TOPCon Module High-reliability Encapsulant Solution". At present, the market share of N-type technology is growing rapidly, among which TOPCon technology market is dominant. For the problems of interlayer uniformity, additives precipitation in POE film, corrosion resistance, mutual migration of additives and other industry pain points, the latest launched in N-TOPCON single glass, double glass module encapsulant technology, high reliability, to help the industry technology iteration, promote the development of N-type technology.

As an important part of the photovoltaic industry chain, Betterial always maintains innovative thinking, pays attention to the endogenous growth of enterprises, adheres to the business philosophy of "independent, controllable, fast and leading", deeply cultivates the new energy material industry, and gathers various innovative forces to successfully build a functional film technology platform with "complete types of base film, complete manufacturing process, outstanding research and development ability of adhesives and coating materials". Keep up with the market development needs, continue to research and develop cutting-edge technology, and continue to export high-quality products.In the future, Betterial will work with partners to go through the industry cycle, contribute to the construction of a new industrial chain ecology, and help achieve the goal of "double carbon"!