• 17+
    More than 17 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of functional films
  • 300+
    More than 300 patents have been applied in total
  • 100+
    Business covers more than 100 countries and regions

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Betterial is a specialized and extra new"Little Giant"  enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of functional polymeric film materials. The main products are Encapsulants Film for PV Module, Backsheet/Front sheet for PV Module, Energy storage/Lithium battery insulation materials, Special coating materials and adhesives, which are widely used in photovoltaic, energy storage, lithium battery and other industries. It currently has five major production bases in Changzhou, Yancheng, Chuzhou, Xianyang, and Vietnam, with the global planned production capacity of over 130GW. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with many leading photovoltaic enterprises such as Longi, TRINA, Jingke, and JA solar, occupying an important market share.

Following up the market’s trend, Betterial constructs a polymer functional film product system under the new industrial pattern. In the field of PV encapsulation, the technical iterations have been achieved in TOPCon, heterojunction, BC, perovskite, and stacked perovskite module. Composite frame coating materials and light-weight PV module encapsulation materials work with the requirements of mass production. The product technology extends upstream to synthesize particles, and the layout of the industrial chain constantly widen. In the fields of energy storage and power batteries, the company has innovatively launched Lithium battery insulation materials. further promoting the localization process of new energy and new materials.

Betterial attaches great importance to innovative development, has been awarded the "National Intellectual Property Superiority Enterprise", "National Level Patent Intensive Products", set up the "Post Doctoral Innovation Practice Base" and "Joint Innovation Center for Photovoltaic Product Testing Technology", invested in the construction of "Photovoltaic product testing center" and "Full scene demonstration base", protecting for the enterprise product development and technology upgrade.

New Energy
Widely used within PV module:
Encapsulation film, frontsheet and backsheet,high water barrier PET film, adhesive, fluorocarbon coating, fluorine-free coating, conductive adhesivel, blue film for lithium battery cell, insulation bonding sheet for Laminated busbar
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