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Go green and linking Shanxi ! Betterial strongly complements the Northwest photovoltaic manufacturing chain


Source: Solarbe

Since national leaders announced the goal of "carbon peaking in 2030 and carbon neutrality in 2060", the photovoltaic industry has ushered in rapid development, and more and more enterprises and individuals have joined the photovoltaic industry. Especially at the end of last year, after the Shanxi Provincial People's Government issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for High-Quality Development of Manufacturing Industry", there was a surge of investment in the new energy industry in the local area.

It should be pointed out that the photovoltaic industry not only has the main industrial chain of silicon materials, silicon wafers, cells, and modules, but also needs the support of auxiliary materials and equipment such as glass, welding tape, and adhesive film. Contribute.

"Going green, linking Shanxi". In order to better serve global customers and make Shanxi's photovoltaic manufacturing industry chain more complete, in August last year, Changzhou Betterial Film Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Management Committee of Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park of Xianyang City, Shanxi Province, and the state-owned Qindu District of Xianyang City. The investment company successfully signed a project investment agreement and reached a cooperation intention.Today (July 21), the first phase of the 4GW photovoltaic encapsulation film project of the Betterial Xianyang base was officially put into production. Leaders at all levels from Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Xianyang City, Qindu District, Changjiang Securities, Zhongrui Wisdom, Shanxi Logistics Group, Yanchang Petroleum, LONGi Green Energy, Shanxi Photovoltaic Industry Alliance and other enterprises and institutions, as well as dozens of The media witnessed this important moment together.

Huang Long, member of the Standing Committee of the Qindu District Committee of Xianyang City and executive deputy head of the district, is very satisfied with the high-efficiency performance of putting into production less than one year after signing the contract. In this speech, he pointed out that after the signing of the project, the "Qindu Speed" was activated up and down in the whole district, and the "acceleration" of the project was out of the way of advanced docking and front-end service. It is hoped that Betterial Xianyang Base will speed up market expansion, run full-scale production, help the region's photovoltaic industry to extend, supplement and strengthen the chain, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the city's photovoltaic new energy industry clusters.

Jin Caijiu, chairman of Changjiang Securities, is full of confidence in the development of the global photovoltaic industry and has high hopes for Betterial. He said that in the next ten years, the global installed capacity of solar energy will exceed 1,200GW, accounting for 33.9% of the global power structure share. Among them, China will increase by 559GW, and the installed capacity share will increase to 47%, still the world's fastest growing and largest Important solar development market.As a leading functional film manufacturer in China, Betterial has been deeply involved in the new energy track, and has been deeply engaged in the field of photovoltaic film for many years. It has achieved a series of technological breakthroughs, and occupies an important market share. It is believed that with the concerted efforts of governments at all levels in Shaanxi Province and Betterial, the Xianyang manufacturing base has achieved great success in production capacity, and has become an important support for the implementation of Shanxi's "dual carbon" target strategy.

How can Shanxi Province achieve the goal of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry with the help of the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality"? Under the guidance of Cao Yu, editor-in-chief of Sobey Photovoltaic Network, Huang Xinbo, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Jin Caijiu, chairman of Changjiang Securities, Gao Wei, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Logistics Group, and executive director of Yanchang Petroleum (Shanghai) Sales Company , General Manager Jiang Hao, Director of LONGi Green Energy Module Strategic Materials Purchasing Department Zheng Hongyi, and Chairman of Betterial Ru Zhengwei, jointly discussed how to build a better chain, supplement the chain, stabilize the chain and strengthen the chain, and promote the better development of Shaanxi and even the entire photovoltaic industry. development is discussed in depth.

Mr. Ru Zhengwei, Chairman of Betterial, pointed out that China's photovoltaic industry has achieved earth-shaking changes in just over a dozen years. In addition to the hard work of Chinese photovoltaic people day and night, it is also inseparable from the supporting industry chain and ecological construction capabilities. . In the past ten years,Betterial has been rooted in customers, committed to building an innovative application platform for polymer functional films, and contributed its own strength with highly customized formulas and processes, as well as high-quality services. The product formulas provided by Betterial to each component customer are different, and strive to achieve the best overall performance and longest life.Such a high degree of customization is the unique ecological advantage of China's supply chain, and it is also a microcosm of the rise of China's photovoltaics. The Xianyang base is the fourth manufacturing base of Betterial in the world. The second phase of the Chuzhou base and the Vietnam base will also be put into operation one after another. It is estimated that the company's global photovoltaic packaging film production capacity will reach 76GW in the fourth quarter. After the Xianyang base of Betterial is put into operation, it will be committed to serving component companies in Northwest China such as Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, providing them with efficient and safe supply services, and doing a good job in replenishing and stabilizing the chain. Work, strengthen cooperation and support, reduce logistics costs, and serve customers with the highest efficiency and best quality products.

Huang Xinbo, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Jin Caijiu, Chairman of Changjiang Securities, Hu Zhibin, Chairman of Zhongrui Wisdom, Tian Yihong, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Xianyang Municipal People's Congress, Bai Xuefeng, Deputy Chief of Qindu District Government, Shaanxi Photovoltaic Industry Alliance The person in charge, Bai Xiaojun, President of Shaanxi Electronics Industry Research Institute, Zheng Hongyi, Director of the Strategic Materials Purchasing Department of LONGi Green Energy Modules, Ru Zhengwei, Chairman of Betterial, and the guests at the scene jointly witnessed the 4GW photovoltaic encapsulation adhesive for the first phase of Betterial Xianyang Base. The membrane project was officially put into production.Industry experts pointed out that with the continuous increase in the global photovoltaic installed capacity, the demand for components has increased significantly, and various auxiliary materials and supporting industries have also ushered in a new spring. Especially for photovoltaic packaging films, supply and demand have been in a tight balance. The commissioning of Betterial Xianyang base will undoubtedly provide strong support for "extending the chain, supplementing the chain, and strengthening the chain" in the northwest region, and has made Betterial's contribution to the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.