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Carrier Film
Carrier Film
Carrier Film

HS807&HS808 series of carrier film are a new type of encapsulated film independently developed by Betterial Film company asper different application scenarios of HJT Solar Module. While theseries of film are encapsulated with heterojunction cells, it main-tains strong adhesion, realizes the encapsulation between thewelding tape and the cell in one step, and plays an excellent plast-ictiy effect. After being packaged into HJT Solar Module, it canwell protect the cell in hot and humid environment, reduce theproblems of hot spots, delamination, corrosion and failureof the module in extreme environments, improve the stab.ility of HJT Solar Module, and make it stable and efficientand widely used in different application scenarios .

Product Description

Functions and Product Features:

High Transmittance;

Low Aging Peel Strength Degradation;

Low Corrosion;

Double-Sided PID Resistance;

One-Step Encapsulation For Ribbon Cells.

Main Technical Indicators:

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