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HJT Integrated Encapsulation Film
HJT Integrated Encapsulation Film
HJT Integrated Encapsulation Film

HI802P/HI803P series of film are a new type of integrated encapsulation film independently developed by Betterial Film company as per different application scenarios of HJT Solar Module. The product plays a good rolein positioning and shaping the welding belt during the lamination process, and can reduce the amount of silver paste during the welding process. After being packaged into HJT Solar Module, it can well protect the cell in hot and humid environment, reduce the problems of hot spots, delamination, corrosion and failure of the components in extreme environments, improve the stability of HJT Solar Module, and make it stable and efficient and widely used in different application scenarios .

Product Description

Functions and Product Features:

The integrated film can reduce delamination after aging and has perfect shaping effect on solder strip when laminating. The Film also has positioning function on solder strip so as to reduce the process of low temperature welding and reduce the use of silver paste.

Main Technical Indicators:

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