Betterial won the title of "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise"_Betterial


Betterial won the title of "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise"


In July 2022, in accordance with the relevant regulations such as the "Regulations of Jiangsu Province on the Development of Private Technology Enterprises", it was strictly reviewed and announced by the Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise Association. Changzhou Betterial Film Technology Co., Ltd. With its comprehensive strength and excellent scientific research and innovation capabilities in the field of polymer functional films, it was successfully selected as the first batch of registered enterprises in Jiangsu Province and was recognized as "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise".

Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprises are established to strengthen the support and leading role of science and technology in accelerating the transformation of development methods and promoting economic transformation and upgrading, and further promote the healthy and rapid development of private science and technology enterprises relying on independent innovation. Being awarded "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise" this time is not only a full affirmation of Betterial's scientific research innovation strength and technological transformation effect, but also a support and encouragement for the company to always adhere to independent innovation as an important development strategy.

Adhere to innovative genes and keep up with market trends 

Innovation is the development gene of Betterial. In 2020, the company was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the second batch of "little giant" enterprises with specialization center". The company's 3 products of EVA film, BOPET film and PVC film were recognized as "Jiangsu High-tech Products", and 6 products including photovoltaic film and PC film were recognized as "Changzhou High-tech Products".

In the face of the ever-changing market development speed, Betterial keeps abreast of market trends and innovates, especially in the field of photovoltaics. The industry-leading level is favored by the market.

Create an innovative application platform to meet customer customization needs

Betterial has been cultivating the field of functional films for more than ten years, and has been diligently researching ideas, continuously strengthening scientific research investment and R&D team building, and gradually building the company into an "innovative application platform for polymer functional films". Now we have functional film processing technologies such as calendering, casting, biaxial stretching, co-extrusion, coating, compounding, printing, embossing, etc., with molecular structure design, resin synthesis and equipment design and other technologies, and have been proficient in EVA, POE , PET, PVC, PC, PP, TPU, PETG, TPO and resin and other basic materials modification and processing technology. Relying on a complete innovative application platform, Betterial can provide customized product solutions for the differentiated needs of customers with more competitive manufacturing costs, more stable product quality and faster response capabilities.

In the future, Betterial will continue to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the construction of enterprise innovation application platform, accelerate the pace of industry-university-research cooperation, enrich the enterprise's innovative development potential, and use the continuous scientific and technological innovation achievements to contribute to the "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu modernization construction. The wisdom and power of the age!