Betterial won the "Best Collaboration Award" for LONGi's annual supplier_Betterial


Betterial won the "Best Collaboration Award" for LONGi's annual supplier


On April 24th, the 2022 LONGi Co., Ltd. Supplier Conference was held in Xi'an with the theme of "Open Cooperation, Innovation and Win-win". As one of the core suppliers of LONGi Co., Ltd.'s photovoltaic packaging film, Betterial was invited to participate in this online conference. And won the annual supplier "Best Collaboration Award".

In this supplier conference, in addition to commending outstanding suppliers, LONGi actively responded to the country's "Double Carbon" call and officially released the "Supply Chain Green Partner Empowerment Plan", which aims to build a green, low-carbon and sustainable supply chain. Through activities such as carbon management empowerment training, carbon emission reduction goals and path planning, and establishment of a project monitoring and evaluation system, partners are encouraged to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction actions. Work together to build a green value chain for the photovoltaic industry, jointly build a green supply chain system with high technology content, low resource consumption and reduced carbon emissions, and realize the green transformation of the photovoltaic industry chain.

For a long time, Betterial has always adhered to customer-centricity, continuously innovating technology and optimizing management, aiming to provide customers with better and more convenient products and services. As LONGi's photovoltaic film supply chain partner for many years, winning the Best Collaboration Award for Suppliers this time is another affirmation to Betterial, which further consolidates the foundation for the two parties to establish long-term, trustworthy and sustainable cooperation.

As one of the earliest companies to deploy photovoltaic encapsulation films, Betterial is an active practitioner of low-carbon and sustainable development. The company has long been committed to creating environmentally friendly products and technologies. The company's main photovoltaic film products are based on special anti-corrosion technology, which has less release of harmful substances after aging, and is more environmentally friendly. The newly developed co-extruded alloy backplane adopts the "PPX" process, which greatly simplifies the production process and reduces the carbon emissions in the manufacturing process. The Betterial New Materials Research Institute is deploying new material technologies that are easy to recycle and recycle, and develop more green and sustainable materials. Ongoing new products. At the same time, all the new bases of Betterial follow the national construction standard of "zero-carbon factory", actively promote the operation concept of green production and green manufacturing, and practice the national low-carbon call.