UV Cut-off Co-extruded POE Film_Betterial

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UV Cut-off Co-extruded POE Film
UV Cut-off Co-extruded POE Film
UV Cut-off Co-extruded POE Film
Betterial co-extruded POE film is mainly used in PV double-glass modules to bond with the lower glass. Compared with conventional EVA encapsulation film, co-extruded POE film has excellent water vapor barrier properties and weather resistance. Compared with POE film, it has a higher cost advantage. Compared with other products, the encapsulant used for double-glass modules has better anti-PID characteristics and better peel strength retention. Suitable for single-glass/double-glass modules.
Product Description

Main Technical Indicators:
280-380nm Transmittance <30%;
Cross-linking degree >70%
Peel strength between film and glass >80N/cm
Peel strength between film and Backsheet >70N/cm

Functions and Product Features:
Encapsulating photovoltaic to ensure power output; the water vapor transmission rate is only 1/6 of that of EVA, but the lamination time is significantly shorter than that of POE;the volume resistivity is higher; excellent anti-PID, UV resistance, and damp-heat resistance performance.

Application Areas and Section:
Lower encapsulating film for single-glass crystalline silicon PV modules and double-glass crystalline silicon PV modules.

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