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White EVA Encapsulation Film
White EVA Encapsulation Film
White EVA Encapsulation Film
Betterial B601W white EVA encapsulation film is mainly used in PV single-glass modules. It is bonded with the backsheet and has a unique high reflection performance. It can improve the effective utilization of the visible light of the module and help increase the power generation of the module. At the same time, this product solves the problem of white encapsulation film overflow after module lamination, and has the characteristics of high reflectivity retention and low peel strength attenuation. Suitable for single-glass/double-glass modules.
Product Description

Main Technical Indicators:
Reflectivity ≥92%;
Pre-crosslinking degree <40%;
Cross-linking degree >70%
Peel strength between film and glass >60N/cm
Peel strength between film and Backsheet >60N/cm

Functions and Product Features:
Encapsulating photovoltaic to ensure power output; the volume resistivity is higher; excellent anti-PID, UV resistance, and damp-heat resistance performance.

Application Areas and Section:
The lower encapsulating film for single-sided power generation crystalline silicon PV modules (including single-glass and double-glass modules).

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