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Backsheet Glue
Backsheet Glue
Backsheet Glue

Product Description

Main Technical Indicators:
Hydroxyl value =7-13mgKOH/g
Non-volatile content =58-62%
Peel strength between PVDF and PET >4N/cm
Peel strength between PVDF and PET after PCT48H>3N/cm
Peel strength between PVDF and PET after DH1000 >4N/cm

Functions and Product Features:
The lamination adhesive of the photovoltaic backsheet provides the adhesion between the fluoropolymer film and PET, the inner film and PET, and ensures that there will be no delamination at service.No delamination or yellowing after DH3000 aging.

Application Areas and Section:
Applied to produce backsheet for photovoltaic modules with service life of 20 years. After coating by dry lamination equipment, each layers of Backsheet are bonded together.

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